Flirtr ready for review

It’s been a long development process getting Flirtr ready for review. We failed the first attempt and made some changes. But since the IOS 7 betas were coming out we decided to take the time to get it ready for that as well.

News, changes and interface

First we did the changes needed to comply to the AppStore guidelines. It meant some core changes and at one point we almost decided to give up before we came a solution we would be happy with.

We decided to add chat to Flirtr. This was in our feature road map for coming releases but we decided to bring it on now. Sounds like a minor feature but there are a lot of things needed to make it work. We are very happy with this first version of chat and it will make it easier to chat without revealing who your are and giving hints and tips to the other part.

Finally we changed the design. Or perhaps made it more sleek and IOS 7 like with slimmer typeface and even cleaner design. We had a very clean interface before the changes but with this update it’s even more beautiful.

Almost there

Now we are waiting for the review of Flirtr. We are positive and hopefully when it passes you will like it as much as we do.

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