What’s next

So we finished the first version of Spheris a few days ago; both the express and full version. Unfortunately due to some issues with Game Center the full version had to be updated and released a few days after the free version.

Now our focus is on spreading the word of Spheris and finish development on the next update. Yes, we are working on an update with lots of new goodies and I just wanted to share these with you all.

  • New achievements
    The game will get some great new achievements for you to earn.
  • New Game Mode; Time Attack
    This new game mode will focus on finishing a single level as quickly as possible. This might sound easy enough, but the floods of bricks are rising, and if you don’t play fast and smart you will never rise to the fame and glory of the new Leaderboard for the Time Attack mode.
  • Multiplayer
    This new game mode will really add some unbelievable fun and exiting game play to Spheris. Battle against a friend and use the Swipe Bar for good or evil.


Right now we are designing the different Swipe actions for good and evil but the update is coming along nicely.


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